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Sip and Paint

What is Mobile Sip and Paint?

Sip and Paint is a trend that started a few years ago but has not lost any steam. There is a reason why people are still booking these parties. They are great for large groups, parties, and even team building. Sip and Paint are a combination of painting classes that are led by professionals, a fun environment, and some wine. Some of the studios have bars in them. If they do not have bars, you can bring your own drink. The best part of these parties is you do not have to bring a thing. You pay for the party ahead of time, so you do not even have to bring any money with you. All supplies are provided for you, which includes smocks, all painting needs, glasses, ice buckets, and corkscrews.

In addition to drinking, you are able to snack while you paint. There are no limitations on what you can bring, but you should be smart when thinking about the snacks and drinks you want to bring. You want to verify the rules of the studio to verify the rules they have set up. The studio provides a separate area for you to drink and eat so you do not spill anything on your painting. You also do not have to worry about drip paint in your drink. You are given breaks during your painting session so that you can get more food and drink. These classes are for adults only. Typically, the painters are over the age of 25. In some locations, the studio will allow children who are at least age 13 as long as they are accompanied by an adult. You should check the studio rules on the age requirements.

There are also mobile sip and paint options. This is when the party comes to you. They bring all the supplies that you need to paint. With a mobile sip and paint party, you get to pick the painting and choose who you want to invite. They do the rest. You have a guide that comes to your location and provides you the same service you find in a studio, but in the comfort of your own location.


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