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Hello, our names are Chiara and Christyna, an aunt and niece duo from Silver Spring, Maryland, and we are the business owners of Soak & Relax. We make handmade bath products from natural ingredients. Our bath bombs bring your bathing experience to the next level! The bath bombs are not only scented, but they foam, fizz, are relaxing and fun! Our bath bombs also create amazing bubbles for the most refreshing and rejuvenating escape from reality. Soak & Relax bath bombs come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Our bath bombs create an awesome piece of bubbly art within each bath! There is just the right amount of oil in each bath bomb to moisturize your skin and leave it silky smooth. Soak & Relax also produces  amazing jasmine body washes, bubbling bath salts, and milk baths. Our line provides safe, unique natural quality baths with many health and body benefits: eases stress, help detox, and clear energy, improves minor/joint tensioning pain, reduces inflammation, alleviates headaches and cramps, soothes overworked feet and hands, hydrates and softens skin as well as promote relaxation. The goal of  Soak & Relax is to help make individuals happy and feel relaxed. Our bath products are a great addition to your bath experience!

Aromatheapy Oils

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