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4 Ways To Make Tub Time Enjoyable

4 Ways To Make Tub Time Enjoyable

I know I know it's so much easier to just hop in the shower after a long day, but let me tell you tub time can be so relaxing and just what your body needs. I know there are a few who pamper themselves as if they were at a spa so you already know what you like that makes tub time special! While there are many regimens you can use to make your experience special each time, there are 4 ways Soak & Relax can help make your tub time just right.


Soak & Relax bath bombs are handcrafted fizz balls that fill your tub with fun. These bath bombs are made with only natural and organic products for the most sensitive skin. Drop one of these smell good bath bombs in the tub and watch the colored bubbles go crazy as your skin soaks up the essential oils.


Soak & Relax bubbling bath salts can be sprinkled into the tub along with a bath bomb to create that perfect S & R your body needs. The bath salts can help relieve muscle aches, soreness and inflammation while also awakening the sinuses with the aromatherapy handcrafted into the salts.


Soak & Relax milk bath is the top product for skin hydration and debridement. For all the ones suffering with eczema outbreaks this is just what you need to help sooth your skin. Soak & Relax milk bath is filled with goat milk powder to moisturize your skin, oatmeal to smooth your skin, and essential oils to boost that glow of your skin.


Soak & Relax CBD infused bath bomb is a great way to get your muscles relaxed right before bed. Once the CBD is absorbed into your pores it will begin to relive tension and stress throughout your body. Can even be used to help relieve minor muscle and joint pain. Great product to pair with the bubbling bath salts to help with inflammation.


Lastly I would say add your own spin to your tub time to make it special. Dim the lights, light a candle, set the mood. This will enhance your tub time experience. Don't forget the music, the perfect tunes while your soaking is super important.

Are you ready for your next tub time experience? Order your Soak & Relax bath goodies and get to it!

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